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Our story began over 70 years ago, with a dream, a step, and a dedication to quality and service. Now, three generations later, we stand with the same dedication as yesteryears but with some major improvements. With the latest in eco-friendly technology, and our express VIP service, we are able to serve both retail and corporae clients with quality cleaning gaurenteed!

Our eco-friendly dry cleaning services, are a part of our life-long commitment to being as green as possible. Our dry-cleaning plant uses some of the latest in green dry-cleaning technology in order to stay true to that commitment. For that reason, our machines use CO2, a nonflammable and nontoxic gas that occurs naturally in the environment, in order to be efficient and effective. Using liquid CO2 we are able to ensure that no new CO2 is generated and therefore not contribute to global warming. . With this technology,

A part of the Central Avenue community, and a member of it's coalition of small business owners, Bowers & Sons Cleaners is dedicated to serving our neighborhood. We even appear annually at the Central Avenue Jazz Festival to show our support for Central Avenue as well as the arts. We believe that it's important to remain in tune with our neighbors and clientele in order to add a personal touch to every single order. At Bowers & Sons Cleaners we are not only business but a family.

With our Express VIP Service, not only do we offer free pick-up and delivery, but but your own personal Bowers & Sons Dry VIP Cleaning bag. As A VIP Client will you save time, you can have it dropped off or picked up at our counter, curbside or any designated location! We even pick up straight from your door! So, the next time your spill coffee on your shirt or wine on your white linen table cloth just know that Bowers & Sons can come directly to you!

At Bowers & Sons Cleaners we care about the needs of our clients. This is why we take great pride in customizing our services to work for you! In order, to ensure the best possible clean we take pride in finding solutions for our clients. Not only are we responsive, but timely as well as accurate. At Bowers & Sons Cleaners  we pride ourselves on delivering professional, competent, quality service at affordable prices.

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